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Stainless Steel Cabinet specs

Mild Steel Cabinet KD Series specs

Fire Extinguisher Box Singapore

Dent Resistant

This safety product is mainly used to store fire extinguishers safely out of reach from other human factors and the environment. These boxes/cabinets are usually mounted outdoors but can also be used in offices and warehouses. The cabinets can be secured and locked by key. You can choose the one made of 1.3mm Mild Steel or the Stainless Steel.

Additional information

Fire Extinguisher Box Size

W:200 H:430 D:130 [Stainless Steel 304, 1mm Thick, Hairline Finishing, P2, 2KG], W:225 H:500 D:150 [Mild Steel + Cam Lock, K2, 2KG], W:225 H:500 D:150 [Mild Steel + Key Lock, K2, 2KG], W:250 H:530 D:175 [Stainless Steel 316, 1mm Thick, Hairline Finishing, P4, 3-4KG], W:300 H:525 D:200 [Mild Steel + Cam Lock, K4, 3-4.5KG], W:300 H:525 D:200 [Mild Steel + Key Lock, K4, 3-4.5KG], W:300 H:670 D:200 [Mild Steel + Cam Lock, K9, 9KG], W:300 H:670 D:200 [Mild Steel + Key Lock, K9, 9KG], W:300 H:700 D:225 [Stainless Steel 316 (1mm Thick, Hairline Finishing, P9, 6-9KG]


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