Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Singapore

Purpose of Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Fire extinguisher cabinet serves two purposes and is a must buy for fire extinguishing equipment. It provides a dust and moisture free air tight environment for firefighting equipment as well as maintains the aesthetic sense of the building. The equipment remains safe from corrosion and any possible physical damage. Surface mounted, semi recessed, fully recessed models are available for fire extinguishing cabinet.

Types of Cabinets

Beautiful cabinets made up of stainless steel, mild steel and fiberglass materials with attractive doors are available. Cabinets with toughened glass doors are also available which has the benefit that one can recognize the type of extinguisher present in the cabinet. Cabinets are available in extensive sizes and shapes both for outdoor and indoor installations. These are designed to accommodate into all types of buildings. Cabinets are fitted with conventional door styles.

Dual extinguisher fiberglass cabinets is great for keeping your fire extinguishing cylinders safe from environmental effects. It has the benefit of holding 2 to 4 extinguishers at a time. It can be installed outside/inside the building. It is robust and resistant to sun rays and rain. The cabinet made of fiber glass material are weather and rust resistant and have more life than other types.

Fire extinguisher box is available in mild steel and stainless steel body. It is available in different sizes. 2.1MS can hold extinguisher of weight 2 kg or less. Similarly 4.1 and 9.0 can hold extinguisher of 4 kg and 9kg respectively.

Fire extinguisher fiber glass cabinet with watch door is one of the other models which as the benefit that you can look through the glass which type of extinguisher is present inside the cabinet. The door of the cabinet has double hinge dual lock system. It is easy to open and operate. Another model is available without glass and single hinge lock system. Both the cabinets are weather proof, shock and fire resistant.

Extinguisher Cabinet Door

The doors of fire extinguisher cabinets are truly innovative with various easy to operate locking systems. Locking system of all cabinet types is independent of color and desired door style. There is a conventional break the glass system in the cabinets to access the extinguisher. During fire break out, it allows opening of the door of cabinet just by breaking the glass to the key and opening door and taking out the extinguisher. These cabinets are durable, strong and resistant to environmental degradation. They are high-impact resistant rugged and robust to build last. They are available in highly visible red color and also in clear stainless steel body. A watch glass is also fitted in the doors. The cabinet can be used in commercial, industrial and general environments. The doors are fitted with handle locks, strips and button lock for easy opening. A continuous strong hinge setup supports the door of the cabinet.

Area of Use

They can be mounted easily on wall, floor, post and vehicles etc. the outer finish of fire extinguisher cabinets is baked red acrylic over rust-inhibiting steel. Stainless steel cabinets uses galvanized cold rolled steel which gives toughness and corrosion resistance properties to the cabinets.