Home Fire Safety Kit (1x 2kg AB Powder + 1x Fire Blanket 1.8m x 1.8m + Smoke Detector 1 Year)

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Our Home Fire Safety Kit is inclusive of:

  • 2KG AB Dry Power Fire Extinguisher x1
  • 1 Fire Blanket (1.8m by 1.8m)
  • 1 Smoke Detector (1 Year)

1. AB Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher
- Suitable against classes A and B fires
- “A” Trash, Wood and Paper
- “B” Flammable Liquids and Gases
- “C” Gas Stove

2. Fire Blanket (Fibreglass)
- Appropriate for homes, kitchens, offices, vehicles, schools, ships & warehouses
- Can be wrapped around body to insulate your skin and clothing from fire during emergency
- Suitable for A and B fire types
- No expiry and no servicing required

3. Smoke Detector (1 Year)

Key Features
- CE / GS Certified
- Tested following ISO/DIS 12239; PrEN 54-7:1994
- Battery Included (DC 9 volt)
- Early warning system
- Economically priced & User Friendly
- Automatically sends low battery signal
- Easy to test; just press the test button