Portable Fire Extinguisher Singapore

Portable Fire Extinguisher Singapore

If you are considering protecting your home and your business against accidental fires, one of your basic needs should include a portable fire extinguisher. Singapore regulations regarding fire protection at the workplace involve the presence of such fire safety equipment, and you will be instructed by the regulators on what kind of approved fire protection products you should purchase.

Fire Safety SG is a Singapore based company specializing in selling a wide range of fire extinguishers, including the portable type, as well as many other types of fire protection equipment.

Essential Fire Protection Equipment

Portable fire extinguishers can be real life savers and they can be used at home as well as inside commercial buildings. They can easily be used and manipulated by your employees, in case there is a fire breaking out by accident. Of course, as soon as something like this happen, calling the emergency services is of utmost importance, but being able to limit the damaging action of the fire can mean a world of difference for your assets and even for saving human lives.

Water based, powder based and foam based fire extinguishers are very common, because they can extinguish a wide variety of fires. Fires are categorized in classes, depending on the flammable substances that are at the origin of the fire. Special fire extinguishers may be needed for certain situations, like carbon dioxide extinguishers for burning electrical systems, but ABC extinguishers are the most common and the most used for both homes and businesses.

When to Use a Portable Fire Extinguisher?

You should always keep in mind that the use of a portable fire extinguisher is only for certain situations. When the fire is small and contained in a reduced area, you can safely use the portable fire extinguisher you have on site. However, if the fire break out is already too high for you to handle, just call the emergency services and wait for the fire fighters to appear.

How to Use a Portable Fire Extinguisher

All the personnel should be instructed on how to use a portable fire extinguisher correctly. You can do so by having them remember the term PASS, which stands for all the steps necessary.

  1.      Pull the safety pin.
  2.      Aim at the source of the flames.
  3.      Squeeze the lever to release the substance kept under pressure inside the extinguisher.
  4.      Sweep over the source of the flames, to make sure you obtain a good coverage.


Fire extinguishers, like any other products, have an expiration date. Make sure that certified specialists are always making all the necessary verifications at the workplace to ensure that all the fire safety equipment is in good working order. When you need new fire extinguishers for your home and business in Singapore, we are one of the top suppliers to go to, as we provide all our customers top notch fire protection products.

Make sure to place your portable fire extinguishers in places where they can easily be accessed by all the employees. Time is of the essence when an accident happens, so it is very important to use the fire extinguisher as fast as possible.

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