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Quality Fire Extinguishers from Singapore are affordable and easy to buy at Fire Safety SG. We understand the importance of keeping your loved ones and those around you safe at home or in your office.

Our Customer Service Is Always Ready To Advice You

At Fire Safety SG, we understand that you may have several questions about the appropriate fire extinguishers that you should purchase, be it for your home usage, to place in your vehicle or for your shop and commercial space. Our customer service representative are happy to clear any questions you may have and help you make a more informed decision on the size and type of fire extinguishers to purchase.

Easy To Purchase, With Delivery and Self Collection Options

We accept online orders where payment can be made straight via Paypal or you can arrange a Bank Transfer to us. Our delivery is within 5 working days. For urgent purchases, you may also choose to self collection from our warehouse located at Jalan Boon Lay.

SETSCO and SCDF Approved Fire Extinguishers

We offer a quality range of fire safety equipment to protect you from harm. Our products are SETSCO/SCDF approved, including Dry Powder, Carbon Dioxide and Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers.

Portable and Non-Portable Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers can also be distinguished based on their weight. For home and vehicle use, a Portable Fire Extinguisher (1KG to 2KG) will suit you better.

For larger areas that need to be protected such as office and commercial shops and buildings, it is very important to have larger capacity of fire extinguishers around (3KG – 12KG). However, While the larger fire extinguishers are heavy and non-portable, they come equipped with a hose, so you do not have to lift the extinguisher off the ground.

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Classes of Fire Determines the Type of Fire Extinguisher You Should Use

To effectively fight against fires, you must first understand that there is a range of Classes of Fire. Dry Powder, Carbon Dioxide and Wet Chemical Fire extinguishers contain different substances that is specifically aimed at stopping fires in these classes, caused by different materials.

Class A: Fires caused by organic solids like wood and papers

Class B: Fires caused by flammable liquids like oil, petrol and grease

Class C: Fires caused by flammable gases

Class D: Fires caused by combustible metals

Class E: Involved electrical equipment. This class has been discontinued as when the power supply is switched off, the electrical fire may fall into the other 5 classes of fires.

Class F and K: Fires caused by cooking fat and oil

ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers – Extinguish Fires Caused by Classes A, B and C

ABC Fire Extinguishers are the most common and very effective in stopping fires in the Classes A, B and C. It is among the most used fire safety equipment because of its ability to deal with different classes of fires, caused by flammable solids, liquids or gases. It extinguishes fire through separating the fuel from oxygen and by removing the heat element.

Price List For Our ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers

  • 1KG: $39
  • 2KG: $45
  • 3KG: $53
  • 4KG: $60
  • 6KG: $75
  • 9KG: $85
  • 12KG: $104

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers – Extinguish Fires Caused by Classes B and C

CO2 Fire Extinguishers are designed to stop flammable liquids, gases and electrical fires. It is a very important product to have if you own a lot of electrical devices and need to protect them. CO2 extinguishes the fire through removing the oxygen element and heat through a cold blast.

Price List For Our Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

  • 2KG: $90
  • 5KG: $134

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers – Extinguish Fires Caused by Classes F and K

Class F and K fires involves cooking fat and oil, including butter and lard. It usually cannot be extinguished with just water and this fire usually starts in the kitchen. While an ABC Dry Powder fire extinguisher can eliminate the flame for smaller kitchens like at home, it will not be sufficient when it is used in a Commercial Kitchen.

The substance in a wet chemical fire extinguisher will react with burning hot fuel and change it into soap. The substance works as a coolant and brings down the temperature of the fire to stop it from spreading further.

Price List For Our Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers

  • 6L: $350

Fire Blanket and Smoke Detectors Complements Fire Extinguishers

Fire blankets will protect you from burns and smoke detectors warn you of potential fires. At Fire Safety SG, we offer all the basics that you require to fire against and protect yourself from fires.

While fire extinguishers help you to eliminate flames, the Fire Blanket ($39 and $45, 2 sizes available) when used to cover your body, helps protect your skin from burns.

The Smoke Detector ($35) will provide you with additional precious seconds to warn you before the fire spreads further. It will give you time to escape or put out the small fire, if manageable.

Have these Fire Safety Accessories with you to be fully equipped to fight against fires and protect yourself and your loved ones!

If you have questions for us, do drop us a note in our contact form on the right!