Fire Safety Singapore

Fire Safety SG has a mission of providing every home and working environment with adequate fire safety equipment and a goal of raising Fire Safety Awareness in Singapore.

Homes and businesses need proper protection against fire hazards. This protection can be acquired through proper training and fire safety equipment. We offer our clients the best equipment to stop fire from spreading, as well as our upcoming specialized courses for raising fire safety awareness for employees.

High Quality Firefighting Equipment

Businesses need to consider making an investment in their firefighting capabilities. Depending only on emergency services is not wise for a business looking to protect its property and employees. Fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, alarms and an entire plethora of fire equipment products are readily available, and, if you run a business, you should purchase only high quality equipment to make sure that your investment is well protected.

Staying up to date with the safety regulations is important and all businesses must have suitable fire safety products on site. We offer a variety of fire protection equipment any business should have on site.

A Few Extra Measures

Fire safety devices are prone to wear and tear, just like any other product. A few extra measures must be in order. For instance, if you keep your fire extinguishers outside the building, dust, debris, rain and other weather elements can affect the devices. Using a specialized cabinet for keeping the fire extinguishers away from all these is a wise choice. Purchasing a new extinguisher when one expires is another recommendation. Faulty equipment can prove useless when an emergency situation appears, so keeping track of all the existing fire safety devices and maintaining them in good working order is highly recommended.

Easy access to fire safety equipment is a must. Even for emergency services, being able to reach the existing fire safety devices can be very important. Having a fire escape plan in place is important. This simple measure will help people get out to safety before firefighters arrive on site. Human lives can be saved and less property damage can also occur, helping your business continue to function.

Do not let fire safety to chance. Purchase from us now!

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